5079. niddah
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niddah: impurity
Original Word: נִדָּה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: niddah
Phonetic Spelling: (nid-daw')
Short Definition: impurity

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from nadad
NASB Translation
abhorrent (1), abhorrent thing (2), impurity (8), menstrual (1), menstrual impurity (7), menstrual period (1), menstruation (2), menstruation* (1), period (1), time (1), unclean (1), unclean thing (1), uncleanness (2).

נִדָּה noun feminine impurity (as abhorrent, shunned); — absolute ׳נ Ezekiel 18:6 +; construct נִדַּת Leviticus 12:2 +; suffix נִדָּתָהּ Leviticus 12:5 +; — impurity (especially P and Ezekiel):

1 of ceremonial impurity, as union with brother's wife, Leviticus 20:21; especially of menstruation Ezekiel 18:6 (read אִשָּׁה בְּנִדָּתָהּ for ᵑ0 נִדָּה ׳א ᵑ6 Co), ׳טְמֵאַת הַנּ Ezekiel 22:10, compare Ezekiel 36:17, נִדַּת דְּוֺתָהּ Leviticus 12:2, compare Leviticus 12:5; Leviticus 15:19,20,24,25 (׳עֶתנִֿדּ), (3 t. in verse), Leviticus 15:26 (׳מִשְׁכַּב נִדּ), Leviticus 15:26 (׳טֻמְאַת נִדּ), Leviticus 15:33; Leviticus 18:19; of defilement contracted by contact with a corpse, מֵי (הַ)נִּדָּה water of impurity (i.e. to remove it, compare Di) Numbers 19:9,13,20,21 (twice in verse); Numbers 31:23.

2 figurative (with allusion to cerem. usage), impure thing, Ezekiel 7:19,20 (of gold), Lamentations 1:17 (of Jerusalem); of idolatry, immorality, etc., 2Chronicles 29:5; Ezra 9:11 (אֶרֶץ נִדָּה), Ezra 9:11, Zechariah 13:1 (לְחַטַּאת וּלְנִדָּה).

far, filthiness, flowers, menstruous woman, put apart, removed woman

From nadad; properly, rejection; by implication, impurity, especially personal (menstruation) or moral (idolatry, incest) -- X far, filthiness, X flowers, menstruous (woman), put apart, X removed (woman), separation, set apart, unclean(-ness, thing, with filthiness).

see HEBREW nadad

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