5134. nuq
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nuq: to suckle, nurse
Original Word: נוּק
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: nuq
Phonetic Spelling: (nook)
Short Definition: nursed

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to suckle, nurse
NASB Translation
nursed (1).

[נוּק verb whence (si vera lectio) might come,

Hiph`il suckle, nurse; — Imperfect3feminine singular suffix וַתְּנִיקֵ֫הוּ Exodus 2:9, but see ינק and Ges§ 70e; read probably ׳וַתֵּינ (Samaritan ותיניקהו.

נור (√ of following; compare Late Hebrew נוּר, flame, fire ᵑ7 id.; Arabic , give light, shine, I. (Kam Frey), IV. Lane2864, ; fire, light; Syriac fire; also in proper names, Palmyrene, Punic see Lzb322 Cook81; Minaean מנורת torches (?) HomSüdar. Chrest.128; Assyrian tinûru, furnace, oven (DlHWB 711) belongs here according to JägerBAS ii.294).


A primitive root; to suckle -- nurse.

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