5139. nazir
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nazir: one consecrated, devoted
Original Word: נָזִיר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: nazir
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-zeer')
Short Definition: Nazirite

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from nazar
one consecrated, devoted
NASB Translation
consecrated ones (1), Nazirite (9), Nazirites (2), one distinguished (2), untrimmed vines (2).

נָזִיר noun masculineGenesis 49:26 one consecrated, devoted (׳נזיר י Ecclus 46:13c (of Samuel); compare Syriac RSSemitic i. 463,2d ed. 483); — ׳נ absolute Numbers 6:2 5t.; construct נְזִיר Genesis 49:26 4t.; suffix נְזִירֶ֑ךְ Leviticus 25:5; plural נְזִרִים Amos 2:11,12; suffix נְוִדֶיהָ Leviticus 25:11, נְזִירֶיהָ Lamentations 4:7; —

1 of prince, ruler, as consecrated: נְזִיר אֶחָיו Lam 49:26 (poem in J), one consecrated among his brethren, = Deuteronomy 33:16; compare נְזִירֶיהָ Lamentations 4:7 her princes.

2 specifically of one dedicated to ׳י by vow involving abstinence from intoxicants, from touching corpse, and from cutting hair (compare נֵזֶר

2), devotee (GFM), Nazirite: אֱלּהִים ׳נ God's devotee, of Samson Judges 13:5,7; Judges 16:17 (exceptionally, from birth); usually voluntary Amos 2:11,12, and for limited time, compare ׳נֶדֶר נ Numbers 6:2 (of man or woman; compare PeritzJBL xvii (1898), 128), ׳תּוֺרַת נ Numbers 6:13; Numbers 6:21, also Numbers 6:18; Numbers 6:19; Numbers 6:20 (all P; compare also נֵזֶר). — On Naz. see GFMJudges 13:5 DrAmos 2:11, especially GrillJPTh. 1880, 645-680 NowArchaeology ii, § 97 BenzArchaeology 429 f. GrayJThs. Jan. 1900, 201 ff.

3 = untrimmed vine (like Nazirite with unshorn hair) Leviticus 25:5,11 (H P).

Nazarite, separated

Or nazir {naw-zeer'}; from nazar; separate, i.e. Consecrated (as prince, a Nazirite); hence (figuratively from the latter) an unpruned vine (like an unshorn Nazirite) -- Nazarite (by a false alliteration with Nazareth), separate(-d), vine undressed.

see HEBREW nazar

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