5210. Nineveh
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Nineveh: capital of Assyr.
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Nineveh
Phonetic Spelling: (nee-nev-ay')
Short Definition: Nineveh

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign or
capital of Assyr.
NASB Translation
Nineveh (17).

נִינְוֵה proper name, of a location Nineveh, capital of Assyria (Assyrian Ninâ, Ninua, Ninû, compare SchrCOT Glossary DlPar 260); — Genesis 10:11,12 (J), 2 Kings 19:36 = Isaiah 37:37; Nahum 1:1; Nahum 2:9; Nahum 3:7; Zephaniah 2:13; Jonah 1:2; Jonah 3:3a; Jonah 3:4,5,6,7, called הָעִיר הַגְּדוֺלָה Jonah 3:3a 3b Jonah 4:11 (compare 3a Jonah 3:4f.); ᵐ5 Νινευη, ᵐ5L Νινευι. Site on east bank of Tigris marked by mounds Neby Yunus and Kuyundjik, opposite Mosul. compare LayardNineveh and its Remains, 1848; Monuments of Nineveh 1849 f. Billerbeck u. JeremiasBAS iii. 1 (1895), 107 ff.

ניס see נוס

Qal 1. near the end.


Of foreign origin; Nineveh, the capital of Assyria -- Nineveh.

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