5512. Ciyn
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Ciyn: Sin
Original Word: סִין
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Ciyn
Phonetic Spelling: (seen)
Short Definition: Sin

I. סִין proper name, of a location Sin, i.e. Pelusium, east frontier city of Egypt (Egyptian 'Imt = clay, of which סין is translated (compare Aramaic סְיָן clay), according to SteindBAS i. 599, who compare IIηλούσιον(πηλός = dirt, mud), compare BrugschDict. Géogr. 1081 ff.); — Ezekiel 30:15 (ᵐ5 Σαιν accusative), + Ezekiel 30:16, but here Co Toy read plausibly סון, i.e. סְוָן = Syene (see [סְוָן], סְוֵנֵה), ᵐ5 συηνη. — On Pelusium see BdEgypt.4 (1898), 169.

II. סִין proper name, of a location wilderness between Elim and Sinai, מִדְבַּרסִֿין, according to P, Exodus 16:1; Exodus 17:1; Numbers 33:11; Numbers 3:12; ᵐ5 Σειν, A ᵐ5L Σιν; compare EbGS 2. 155 ff. and especially DiExodus 16:1.


Of uncertain derivation; Sin the name of an Egyptian town and (probably) desert adjoining -- Sin.

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