5528. sakal
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sakal: to be foolish or a fool
Original Word: סָכַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: sakal
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-kal')
Short Definition: foolishly

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to be foolish or a fool
NASB Translation
acted foolishly (2), acted...foolishly (1), done* (1), done...foolishly (1), foolishly (1), foolishness (2), make (1), played the fool (1).

[סָכַל] verb be foolish, or a fool, usually in moral or spititual sense (Syriac Aph`el act foolishly; foolish, etc., ᵑ7 סְכַל derived species, act foolishly; סַכְלָא fool; Christian-Palestinian Aramaic , Aph`el = ἁμαρτάνω, also derivatives SchwIdioticon 62; Assyrian saklu, perhaps foolish, DlHWB 498; Aramaic סְכַל know, be intelligent, cause to understand, etc. (derived species), compare שׂכל; MeiChrest. Targ. derives both these opposite meanings from Arabic form, likeness. Gerber178 thinks Hebrew verb denominative); —

Piel Imperfect יְסַכֵּל Isaiah 44:25, Imperative סַכֶּלנָֿא 2 Samuel 15:31, make foolish, turn into foolishness.

Niph`al Perfect2masculine singular נִסְכַּלְתָּ2Chronicles 16:9; נִסְכָּ֑לְתָּ 1 Samuel 13:13; 1singular נִסְכַּלְתִּי 2 Samuel 24:10 = 1 Chronicles 21:8, act or do foolishly.

Hiph`il Perfect2masculine singular הִסְכַּלְתָּ Genesis 31:28 (E), 1 singular הִסְכַּלְתִּי 1 Samuel 26:21, do foolishly, play the fool.

be silly, play the fool

For kacal; to be silly -- do (make, play the, turn into) fool(-ish, -ishly, -ishness).

see HEBREW kacal

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