5592. caph
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caph: bason
Original Word: סַף
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: caph
Phonetic Spelling: (saf)
Short Definition: bason

I. סַף noun masculine basin, goblet (Late Hebrew סַף; Phoenician סף (Inscription of Tyre(1), 5, 6) SchrödZMG xxxix (1886), 317 f. ClGannAnnales du Musée Guimet x. 511 = Recuell d'arch. orient.(1886), 89 HalRŠJ xii.107 Bloch; but Lzb330 door-sill); — ׳ס absolutebasin Exodus 12:22 (twice in verse) (J; containing blood of passover lamb); construct סַףרַֿעַל Zechariah 12:2 goblet of reeling (intoxicating, figurative), probably also Habakkuk 2:15, where read מִסַּף חֲמָֽתְךָ from the goblet of thy fury (for ᵑ0 ׳מְסַמֵּחַ ח, see I. ספח); plural absolute סַמּוֺת 2 Samuel 17:28 basins for ordinary use; הַסִּמִּים Jeremiah 52:19, הַסִמּוֺת 1 Kings 7:50 and construct סִמּוֺת כֶּסֶף 2 Kings 12:14, of temple utensils.

II. סַף noun masculineAmos 9:1 threshold, sill (Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician see Lzb1. סַף; Aramaic סִמָּא, Arabic sippu Dl509, all id.); — absolute ׳ס 2 Kings 12:10 +, also הַסָּ֑ף Judges 19:27 3t. (Baer Ginsb), הַסָּ֑ף 2 Kings 25:8; suffix סִמִּי Ezekiel 43:8, סִמָּם Ezekiel 43:8; plural סִמִּים Amos 9:1; Isaiah 6:4 6t. Ezra, Chronicles; — threshold, sill Judges 19:27; Amos 9:1; Isaiah 6:4; Ezekiel 41:16 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 43:8 (twice in verse); 2Chronicles 3:7, הַבַּיִת ׳ס 1 Kings 14:17, הַשַּׁעַר ׳ס Ezekiel 40:6,7, compare Ezekiel 40:6 b שֹׁמֵרֹ הַסַּף = door-keeper, an important temple official, Jeremiah 35:4, so ׳שֹׁמְרֵי הַסּ 2 Kings 12:10 (priests), 2 Kings 22:4 2Chronicles 34:9 (Levites!), 2 Kings 23:4; 2 Kings 25:18 = Jeremiah 52:24; in Persia, of palace Esther 2:21; Esther 6:2; of tabernacle הַסִּמִּים ׳שׁ 1 Chronicles 9:19; שֹׁעֲרֵי ׳הַסּ2Chronicles 23:4 (Levites), ׳שֹׁעֲרִים בַּסּ 1 Chronicles 9:22; collective חֹרֶב בַּסָּ֑ף Zephaniah 2:14 desolation in the thresholds.

bason, bowl, cup, door post, gate, post, threshold

From caphaph, in its original sense of containing; a vestibule (as a limit); also a dish (for holding blood or wine) -- bason, bowl, cup, door (post), gate, post, threshold.

see HEBREW caphaph

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