5599. caphiyach
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caphiyach: outpouring
Original Word: סָפִ֫יחַ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: caphiyach
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-fee'-akh)
Short Definition: outpouring

I. [סָפִיחַ] noun [masculine] outpouring ?; — plural suffix תִּשְׁטֹףסְֿפִיחֶיהָ עֲפַר הָאָרֶץ Job 14:19 (si vera lectio) its outpourings sweep away the dust of the earth, so most, but dubious; Bu proposes *סְחִיפָה, compare מָטָר סֹחֵף Proverbs 28:3.

II. סָפִיחַ noun [masculine] growth from spilled kernels ((kernels) poured out, accidentally, in harvesting, according to most; BuhlLex 13 and others think of additional growth, √ I. ספח); — it is what springs up of itself in second year, and serves as food when no grain could be sown: absolute ׳ס 2 Kings 19:29 = Isaiah 37:30; construct סְפִיחַ קְצִירְךָ Leviticus 25:5; suffix תִּקְצְרוּ אֶתסְֿפִיחֶיהַ Leviticus 25:11.

such things as which grow of themselves, which grows of its own accord

From caphach; something (spontaneously) falling off, i.e. A self-sown crop; figuratively, a freshet -- (such) things as (which) grow (of themselves), which groweth of its own accord (itself).

see HEBREW caphach

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