5736. adaph
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adaph: to remain over, be in excess
Original Word: עָדַף
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: adaph
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-daf')
Short Definition: excess

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to remain over, be in excess
NASB Translation
balance (1), excess (4), left over (4).

[עָדַף] verb remain over, be in excess, synonym of סרח q. v., only P H (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic עָדִיף superior (to); Arabic be profuse, IV. let down veil, or curtain, etc.; plentifulness); —

Qal Participle סֶרַח הָעֹדֵף Exodus 26:12 the surplus (of curtains) that remains over, so feminine הָעֹדֶ֫פֶת Exodus 26:12, and הָעֹדֵף as substantive Exodus 26:13 the excess in (ב) length; הָעֹדֵף = the surplus of food Exodus 16:23, of price of field Leviticus 25:27; הָעֹדְפִים עַלֿ those over and above, Numbers 3:46,49, compare Numbers 3:48 (no עַלֿ).

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular הֶעְדִּיף Exodus 16:18 have a surplus (of manna; opposed to הֶחְסִיר).

be more, odd number, be have over and above, remain

A primitive root; to be (causatively, have) redundant -- be more, odd number, be (have) over (and above), overplus, remain.

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