5867. Eylam
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Eylam: Elam
Original Word: עֵילָם
Part of Speech: proper name, of a people et. terr.; proper name, masculine
Transliteration: Eylam
Phonetic Spelling: (ay-lawm')
Short Definition: Elam

I. עֵילָם proper name, of a people et. terr. Elam, Αιλαμ, Ἐλαμεῖραι, well-known country and people northeast of Lower Tigris (Assyrian Elamtu DlPa 320 ff. COTGenesis 10:22); — as early invaders of Palestine Genesis 14:1,9, allies of Assyr. Isaiah 22:6; foe of Babylon Isaiah 21:2; abode of dispersed Israelites Isaiah 11:11; prophesied against Jeremiah 49:34,35,36 (twice in verse) (Qr, Kt עולם), Jeremiah 49:37; Jeremiah 49:38; Jeremiah 49:39; Ezekiel 32:24, compare ׳כָּלמַֿלְכֵי ע Jeremiah 25:25; called 'son' of Shem Genesis 10:22 (P) = 1 Chronicles 1:17; purely local designation הַמְּדִינָה ׳ע Daniel 8:2.

II. עֵילָם proper name, masculine Ηλαμ, Αιλαμ:

1 heads of families of returned exiles:

a. Ezra 2:7 = Nehemiah 7:12.

b. Ezra 2:31 = Nehemiah 7:34.

c. Ezra 8:7; Ezra 10:2 (Qr; Kt עולם), Ezra 10:26.

2. a chief of people Nehemiah 10:15.

3 name in Benjamin 1 Chronicles 8:24.

4 Levite name 1 Chronicles 26:3.

5 a priest Nehemiah 12:42.


Or mowlam (Ezra 10:2; Jeremiah 49:36) {o-lawm'}; probably from alam; hidden, i.e. Distant; Elam, a son of Shem and his descendants, with their country; also of six Israelites -- Elam.

see HEBREW alam

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