5953. alal
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alal: abuse
Original Word: עָלַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: alal
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-lal')
Short Definition: abuse

I. [עָלַל] verb

Po`el, act severely (toward) (Late Hebrew id., deal with (rare), and derivatives; Arabic do a thing (drink, beat, give) a second time, II. divert, occupy, see divert, occupy oneself with (food, a woman, etc.); Syriac cause, occasion, affair); — act severely, always with ל person: Perfect2masculine singular עוֺלַלְתָּ לִי Lamentations 1:22 as thou hast acted severely to me (in punishment, subject׳י); ׳לְמִי ע Lamentations 2:20 to whom hast thou acted thus severely ?3feminine singular עֵינִי עוֺלְלָה לְנַפְשִׁי Lamentations 3:51 my eye deals severely with me, i.e. gives me pain (?; text dubious; compare PerlesAnal.18 Bu). Imperative masculine singular עוֺלֵל לָמוֺ Lamentations 1:22 deal severely with them. — See also ׳ע

denominative below

Po`al Perfect3masculine singular מַכְאֹבִי אֲשֶׁר עוֺלַל לִי Lamentations 1:12 my pain which is severely dealt out to me.

Hithpa. Perfect

1 busy, divert oneself with (compare Arabic see ), always with ב person: 1 singular ׳אֶתאֲֿשֶׁר חִתְעַלַּלְתִּי בְּ Exodus 10:2 (J) how I [׳י] have made a toy of Egypt; especially deal wantonly, ruthlessly with (ב person): 3 masculine singular הִתְעַלֵּל 1 Samuel 6:6; 2feminine singular הִתְעַלַּלְתְּ Numbers 22:29 (J E; Balsaam's ass); 3 plural וְהִתְעַלְּלוּ consecutive 1 Samuel 31:4 = 1 Chronicles 10:4; Jeremiah 38:19; Imperfect3masculine plural וַיִּתְעַלְּלוּקּבָהּ Judges 19:25 (of abusing a woman; "" וַיֵּדְעוּ אֹתָהּ).

Hithpo`el Infinitive construct לֵהִתְעוֺלֵל עֲלִלוֺר Psalm 141:4 to practise practices in wickedness (perhaps denominative).

[עָלַל] verb denominative Po`. glean (grapes or olives; לִמֵּט of grain); — Imperfect2masculine singular תְּעוֺלֵל Leviticus 19:10 (object כֶּרֶם; "" תְּלַמֵּט), Deuteronomy 24:21 (absolute, + אַחֲרֶיךָ); 3 masculine plural figurative (+ Infinitive absolute) עוֺלֵל יְעוֺלְלוּ כַגֶּפֶן שְׁאֵרִית יִשְׂרָאֵל Jeremiah 6:9; וַיְעֹלְלֻהוּ Judges 20:45 they made a gleaning of them (i. e. smote the fugitives).

[עָלַל] verb denominative act or play the child; — only

Po`. Participle עַמִּי נֹגְשָׂיו מְעוֺלֵל Isaiah 3:12 my people — its ruler is acting the child.

III. [עָלַל] verb insert, thrust in (Arabic , whence yoke; compare Old Aramaic עלל, ᵑ7 עֲלַל, Syriac , all enter); — only

Po`. Perfect1singular וְעֹלַלְתִּי בֶעָפָר קַרְנִי Job 16:15 figurative of humiliation.

abuse, affect, child, defile, do, glean, mock, practice,

A primitive root; to effect thoroughly; specifically, to glean (also figuratively); by implication (in a bad sense) to overdo, i.e. Maltreat, be saucy to, pain, impose (also literal) -- abuse, affect, X child, defile, do, glean, mock, practise, thoroughly, work (wonderfully).

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