5957. alam
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alam: perpetuity, antiquity
Original Word: עָלַם
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: alam
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-lam')
Short Definition: forever

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to olam
perpetuity, antiquity
NASB Translation
all ages (1), all ages to come (1), everlasting (4), forever (9), forever and ever (1), never* (1), past (2), perpetrated (1).

עָלַם noun [masculine] perpetuity, antiquity (see Biblical Hebrew III> עלם, עוֺלָם); — ׳ע absolute Daniel 3:33 +, construct Daniel 7:18; emphatic עָֽלְמָא Daniel 2:20 +; plural עָֽלְמִין Daniel 2:4 +, emphatic עָֽלְמַיָּא Daniel 2:44; Daniel 7:18; — perpetuity in the future: ׳מַלְכוּת ע Daniel 3:33; Daniel 7:27, compare Daniel 4:31; Daniel 7:14; ׳ע as adverb for ever Daniel 4:31; עַדעָֽֿלְמָא וְעַדעָֿלַם עָֽלְמַיָּא Daniel 7:18; plural ׳לְע for ever Daniel 2:4,44,44; Daniel 3:9; Daniel 5:10; Daniel 6:7; Daniel 6:22; Daniel 6:27; antiquity, מִןיֿוֺמָת עָֽלְמָא Ezra 4:15,19; of limitless time both past and future: ׳וְעַדעֿ ׳מִןעֿ Daniel 2:20.

forever lasting, old

(Aramaic) corresponding to owlam; remote time, i.e. The future or past indefinitely; often adverb, forever -- for ((n-))ever (lasting), old.

see HEBREW owlam

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