6026. anog
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anog: to be soft, delicate, dainty
Original Word: עָנַג
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: anog
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-nag')
Short Definition: delight

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to be soft, delicate, dainty
NASB Translation
dainty (1), delicateness (1), delight (4), delighted (1), jest (1), take delight (2).

[עָנֹג, LagBN 31] verb be soft, delicate, dainty (Late Hebrew id. Pi`el make soft, pliable, live or spend in enjoyment; Arabic use amorous behaviour, affect langour); —

Pu`al Participle feminine הַמְּעֻנָּגָה Jeremiah 6:2 daintily bred, figurative of Jerusalem.

Hithpa`el 1. be of dainty habit, Infinitive construct הִתְעַנֵּג Deuteronomy 28:56 (woman, "" רֹךְ).

2 take exquisite delight, Perfect3plural וְהִתְעַנְּגוּ consecutive Psalm 37:11 (עַל of thing); 2 masculine plural וְהִתְעַנַּגְתֶּם consecutive Isaiah 66:11 (מִן of thing); Imperfect3masculine singular יִתְעַנָּ֑ג Job 27:10; 2masculine singular תִּתְעַנַּג Isaiah 58:14, תִּתְעַנָּ֑ג Job 22:26 (all with [שַׁדַּי] ׳עַליֿ); 3 feminine singular תִּתְעַנַּג Isaiah 55:2 (ב of thing); Imperative masculine singular ׳הִתְעַנַּג עַליֿ Psalm 37:4.

3 with עַל, in bad sense, make merry over, make sport of, Imperfect2masculine plural עַלמִֿי תִּתְעַנָּ֑גוּ Isaiah 57:4.

delicateness, have delight self, sport self

A primitive root; to be soft or pliable, i.e. (figuratively) effeminate or luxurious -- delicate(-ness), (have) delight (self), sport self.

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