6045. inyan
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inyan: occupation, task
Original Word: עִנְיָן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: inyan
Phonetic Spelling: (in-yawn')
Short Definition: task

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from anah
occupation, task
NASB Translation
effort (1), investment (1), task (6).

עִנְיָן noun masculineEcclesiastes 1:13 occupation, task, only Ecclesiastes (Aramaic loan-word LagBN 205; common in Late Hebrew); — ׳ע absolute Ecclesiastes 2:26; Ecclesiastes 3:10; Ecclesiastes 5:2; Ecclesiastes 8:16; suffix כַּעַס עִנְיָנוֺ Ecclesiastes 2:23 his task is (sheer) vextion; עִנְיָן רָע Ecclesiastes 1:13 an evil (worthless) task, so Ecclesiastes 4:8 (Masora עִנְיַן as if construct, see Baer1; Baer13; but Köii, 1, 99), and, in weakened sense, Ecclesiastes 5:12 a bad business, bad affair.

business, travail

From anah; ado, i.e. (generally) employment or (specifically) an affair -- business, travail.

see HEBREW anah

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