6087. atsab
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atsab: displease
Original Word: עָצַב
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: atsab
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-tsab')
Short Definition: displease

I. [עָצַב] verb hurt, pain, grieve (Late Hebrew Nithp. and in derivatives; ᵑ7 עֲצַב be in pain (rare); Ethiopic be hard, difficult, LagBN 50, compare 201 compare Arabic be angry, but dubious); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular suffix עֲצָבוֺ 1 Kings 1:6 his father had not pained him (ᵐ5 Klo Gr עֲצָרוֺ, but see Benz); insert עָצַב (with other words) 2 Samuel 13:21 ᵐ5 Ew Th We Kit Bu HPS; Infinitive construct suffix לְבִלְתִּי עָצְבִּי 1 Chronicles 4:10 that it (רָעָה) may not pain me; Passive participle construct עֲצוּבַת רוּחַ Isaiah 54:6 hurt in spirit (of Zion under figure of deserted wife).

Niph`al Perfect3masculine singular נֶעְצַב 1 Samuel 20:24 be pained for (אֶל person; strike out ᵐ5 HPS); נֶעֱצַב 2 Samuel 19:3 the king is in pain (is grieving) for (עַל person); Imperfect3masculine singular יֵעָצֵב 1 Samuel 20:3 lest he be pained; + בָּהֶם instrumental Ecclesiastes 10:9 shall be hurt by them (i.e. אֲבָנִים; only here of physical pain); 2 masculine plural תֵּעָֽצְבוּ Genesis 45:5 be not grieved (+ יִחַר; followed byכִּי that ye sold me), compare Nehemiah 8:10,11 (absolute) do not grieve.

Pi`el Perfect3plural עִצְּבוּ with accusative Isaiah 63:10 they vexed his holy spirit (+ מָרוּ); Imperfect3masculine plural בְּבָרַי יְעַצֵּ֑בוּ Psalm 56:6 my affairs they vex (Thes and others), but improbable, < Che ׳בְּדָבָר יְע with speech they vex (me).

Hiph`il Imperfect3masculine plural suffix יַעֲצִיבוּהוּ Psalm 78:40 they used to cause him [׳י] pain.

Hithpa`el Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִּתְעַצֵּב אֶללִֿבּוֺ Genesis 6:6 and he was vexed to his heart (of ׳י; "" וַיִּנָּחֶם); 3 masculine plural וִיִּתְעַצְּבוּ Genesis 34:7 (+ וַיִּחַר, followed by clause with כִּי).

II. [עָצַב] verb Pi`el shape, fashion (Late Hebrew Pi`el stretch child into shape; BuhlLex compare out, cut off [whence idea of carving, fashioning]); —

Pi`el Perfect יָדֶיךָ עִצְּבוּנִי וַעיַּעֲשׂוּנִי Job 10:8 thy hands shaped me, etc.

Hiph`il Infinitiveconstruct לְהַעֲצִבָה Jeremiah 44:19, but read בָהּ-, to fashion her, i.e. make images of her (possibly denominative from עָצָב).

displease, grieve, hurt, make, be sorry, vex, worship, wrest

A primitive root; properly, to carve, i.e. Fabricate or fashion; hence (in a bad sense) to worry, pain or anger -- displease, grieve, hurt, make, be sorry, vex, worship, wrest.

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