6293. paga
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paga: to meet, encounter, reach
Original Word: פָּגַע
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: paga
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-gah')
Short Definition: fall

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to meet, encounter, reach
NASB Translation
approach (1), attack (2), attacked (1), came (1), cut him down (1), entreat (2), fall (7), fell (4), happen (1), intercede (2), interceded (1), kill (1), make supplication (1), meet (3), meets (3), met (2), pleaded (1), reached (6), spare (1), strike the mark (1), touched (1), touched and reached (1), urge (1).

מָּגַע verb meet, encounter, reach (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic מְּגַע, ; possibly akin to Arabic , happen to, light upon; is pain, afflict); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳פ 1 Kings 2:32 +, suffix וּפְגָעוֺ consecutive Amos 5:19, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִּפְגַּע Genesis 28:11+; 1plural נְפְגַּע Job 21:15, etc.; Imperative masculine singular מְּגַע Judges 8:21+; masculine plural מִּגְעוּ Genesis 23:8; Infinitive construct לִפְגֹּע 1 Samuel 22:17, suffix מִּגְעוֺ Numbers 35:19,21; —

1 meet, light upon, with accusative of person 1 Samuel 10:5; Exodus 5:20 (J), with suffix person Amos 5:19; שׁוֺר ׳פ Exodus 23:4; with ב person Genesis 32:2 (E), Numbers 35:19,21 (P); with ב location Genesis 28:11 (E).

2 meet, with kindness, with accusative of person Isaiah 64:5 (subject ׳י), so Isaiah 47:3 according to Ew De Di and others; CheHpt אֶפְרַע (reading, with Du, אמר for אָדָם).

3 encounter with hostility, fall upon with ב person Joshua 2:16 (JE), Judges 8:21; Judges 15:12; Judges 18:25; 1 Samuel 22:17,18 (twice in verse); 2 Samuel 1:15; 1 Kings 2:25,29,31,32,34,46; Ruth 2:22; of God, with accusative (suffix), + ב instrumental Exodus 5:3.

4 encounter with request, entreat, with ב person Jeremiah 7:16; Job 21:15, followed by clause Jeremiah 27:18; Ruth 1:16, + ל person on whose behalf Genesis 23:8

5 strike, touch, of boundary, with ב location Joshua 16:7; Joshua 19:11,22,26,27,34 (twice in verse), compare Joshua 17:10; with אֶל location Joshua 19:11.

Hiph`il 1. cause to light upon, Perfect3masculine singular הִפְגִּיעַ with accusative of thing + ב person Isaiah 53:6.

2 cause one (accusative) to entreat1singular הִפְגַּעְתִּי (ב person) Jeremiah 15:11 (otherwise Gie; Co strike out see as gloss).

3 make entreaty, 3 plural הִפְגִּעוּ Jeremiah 36:25 with ב person; more Generally interpose, Imperfect3masculine singular יַפְגִּיעַ Isaiah 53:12, with ל person in whose behalf; Participle מַפְגִּיעַ Isaiah 59:16 one interposing.

4 make attack, only Participle Job 36:32 assailant, but Ol Bu Du and others מִפְגָּע mark.

come between, cause to entreat, fall upon, make intercession, intercessor, entreat

A primitive root; to impinge, by accident or violence, or (figuratively) by importunity -- come (betwixt), cause to entreat, fall (upon), make intercession, intercessor, intreat, lay, light (upon), meet (together), pray, reach, run.

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