6539. Paras
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Paras: a country in W. Asia which conquered Bab.
Original Word: פָּרָס
Part of Speech: Proper Name
Transliteration: Paras
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-ras')
Short Definition: Persia

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
a country in W. Asia which conquered Bab.
NASB Translation
Persia (28).

מָּרַס28 proper name, of a territory Persia, περσῶν (genitive), Daniel 11:2 τῇ Περσίδι (ᵐ5 and Θ), 2 Chronicles 36:20 Μήδων (Old Persian Pârsa, Persian, Persia, SpiegAPK 231, New Persian , ; Arabic ; — ׳פ2Chronicles 36:22 +, מָּרָ֑ס 2 Chronicles 36:20 +; — in late literature, 2 Chronicles 36:20, 2 Chronicles 36:22, 22, 23 = Ezra 1:1 (twice in verse); Ezra 1:2; Daniel 10:1 11t. Ezra Daniel + (with מָדַי) Esther 1:3,14,18,19; Esther 10:2; Daniel 8:20; ׳פ Ezekiel 27:10; Ezekiel 38:5 is doubted by Toy (who, Ezekiel 27:10, reads כּוּשׁ, after Gr), but Krae defends.

Persia, Persians

Of foreign origin; Paras (i.e. Persia), an Eastern country, including its inhabitants -- Persia, Persians.

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