6667. Tsidqiyyahu or Tsidqiyyah
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Tsidqiyyahu or Tsidqiyyah: "Yah is righteousness," six Israelites
Original Word: צִדְקִיָּה
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Tsidqiyyahu or Tsidqiyyah
Phonetic Spelling: (tsid-kee-yaw')
Short Definition: Zedekiah

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as tsedeq
"Yah is righteousness," six Isr.
NASB Translation
Zedekiah (63), Zedekiah's (1).

צִדְקִיָּ֫הוּ56, יָּ֑ה7

proper name, masculine (׳י is righteousness; compare Sabean צדקאל DHMib., on No. 32); — σεδεκια(ς):

1 last king of Judah, מַתַּנְּיָה, changed to ׳׃צ יָּ֑֫הוּ 2 Kings 24:17,18,20; 2 Kings 25:2,7 (twice in verse) = 2Chronicles 36:10,11; 1 Chronicles 3:15; Jeremiah 1:3; Jeremiah 21:1,3,7 37t. Jeremiah; יָּ֑ה Psalms; Jeremiah 27:12; Jeremiah 28:1; Jeremiah 29:3; Jeremiah 49:34.

2 false prophets:

a. under Ahab, יָּ֑֫הוּ 1 Kings 22:24 2Chronicles 18:10,23; יָּ֑ה 1 Kings 22:11.

b. יָּ֑֫הוּ Jeremiah's time, Jeremiah 29:21,22.

3 יָּ֑֫הוּ prince, Jeremiah's time, Jeremiah 36:12.

4 יָּ֑ה, priest, Nehemiah's time, Nehemiah 10:2 (ᵐ5L Σεχενιας).

5 יָּ֑ה, son of Jehoiachin, according to 1 Chronicles 3:16, but probably gloss, Be SS, compare Kit.

Zedekiah, Zidkijah

Or Tsidqiyahuw {tsid-kee-yaw'-hoo}; from tsedeq and Yahh; right of Jah; Tsidkijah, the name of six Israelites -- Zedekiah, Zidkijah.

see HEBREW tsedeq

see HEBREW Yahh

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