6689. Tsuph
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Tsuph: ancestor of Elkanah and Samuel
Original Word: צוּף
Part of Speech: noun masculine; Adjective, of a people
Transliteration: Tsuph
Phonetic Spelling: (tsoof)
Short Definition: Zuph

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from tsuph
ancestor of Elkanah and Samuel
NASB Translation
Zophai (1), Zuph (3).

II. צוּף noun masculine Ephraim ancestor of Elkanah and Samuel, ׳בֶּןצֿ 1 Samuel 1:1 (ἐν Νασειβ, ᵐ5L υιὁῦ Σωφ), 1 Chronicles 6:20 Qr ᵐ5 ᵑ9 (Kt ציף); apparently = צוֺפַי v.1 Chronicles 6:11 (Levite), Σουφ(ει): hence probably אֶרֶץ צוּף 1 Samuel 9:5 (in Benjamin, τὴν(γὴν)Σ(ε)ιφ(α)).

צוּפִי adjective, of a people Suphite; — so read probably for צוֺפִים 1 Samuel 1:1 (We Klo Dr and most modern, after ᵐ5 Σ(ε)ιφα, A Σωφιμ).

Zophai, Zuph

Or Tsowphay {tso-fah'-ee}; or Tsiyph {tseef}; from tsuwph; honey-comb; Tsuph or Tsophai or Tsiph, the name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine -- Zophai, Zuph.

see HEBREW tsuwph

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