6703. tsach
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tsach: dazzling, glowing, clear
Original Word: צַח
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: tsach
Phonetic Spelling: (tsakh)
Short Definition: dazzling

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from tsachach
dazzling, glowing, clear
NASB Translation
clearly (1), dazzling (2), scorching (1).

צַח adjective dazzling, glowing, clear; — חֹם צַח Isaiah 18:4 glowing heat; רוּחַ צַח Jeremiah 4:11 glowing wind; דּוֺדִי צַח וְאָדוֺם Songs 5:10 my beloved is dazzling (white) and ruddy (compare Lamentations 4:7); feminine plural לְדַבֵּר צַחוֺת Isaiah 32:4 to speak clear (words), clearly.

clear, dry, plainly, white

From tsachach; dazzling, i.e. Sunny, bright, (figuratively) evident -- clear, dry, plainly, white.

see HEBREW tsachach

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