6711. tsachaq
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tsachaq: to laugh
Original Word: צָחַק
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: tsachaq
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-khak')
Short Definition: laugh

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to laugh
NASB Translation
caressing (1), entertained* (1), jesting (1), laugh (4), laughed (2), make sport (2), mocking (1), play (1).

[צָחַק] verb laugh (Arabic , laugh, Syriac , compare BaEs 34; see also שׂחק); —

Qal Perfect3feminine singular צָֽחֲקָה Genesis 18:13, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִצֲחַקֿ Genesis 21:6, וַיִּצְחָ֑ק Genesis 17:17; 3feminine singular וַתִּצְחַק Genesis 18:12; — laugh, Genesis 18:12,13,15 (twice in verse) (J), Genesis 17:17 (P); with ל at, concerning, Genesis 21:6.

Pi`el Imperfect וַיְצַחֵק Judges 16:25; Infinitive construct לְצַחֵק Exodus 32:6, לְצַ֫חֶק בָּנוּ (בִּיׅ Genesis 39:14,17; Participle מְצַחֵק Genesis 19:14; Genesis 26:8, מְצַחֶ֑ק Genesis 21:9; —

1 jest Genesis 19:14 (J).

2 sport, play Genesis 21:9 (E) Exodus 32:6 (J); make sport for Judges 16:25 (לִפְנֵי; "" וִישַׂחֶקלָֿ֑נוּ); toy with (אֶת), of conjugal caresses Genesis 26:8 (compare DoughtyArab. Des. i. 231), make a toy of, with ב, Genesis 39:14,17 (all J).

laugh, mock, play, make sport

A primitive root; to laugh outright (in merriment or scorn); by implication, to sport -- laugh, mock, play, make sport.

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