6754. tselem
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tselem: an image
Original Word: צֶ֫לֶם
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: tselem
Phonetic Spelling: (tseh'-lem)
Short Definition: images

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
an image
NASB Translation
form (1), image (5), images (6), likenesses (3), phantom (1).

צֶ֫לֶם noun masculineEzekiel 16:17 image (something cut out, compare מֶּסֶל; Nö 'Schnitzbild'); — ׳צ absolute Psalm 39:7, construct Genesis 1:27 +; suffix צַלְמוֺ Genesis 1:27; Genesis 5:3, צַלְמֵנוּ Genesis 1:26, צַלְמָם Psalm 73:20; plural construct צַלְמֵי 1 Samuel 6:5 (twice in verse) +, suffix צְלָמָיו 2 Kings 11:18; 2Chronicles 23:17, צַלְמֵיכֶם Amos 5:26; —

1 images of tumours and mice (of gold) 1 Samuel 6:5 (twice in verse); 1 Samuel 6:11; especially of heathen gods Amos 5:26 (text dubious; strike out We as gloss, compare GASm Dr), 2 Kings 11:18 2Chronicles 23:17 (both with verb שִׁבְּרוּ), Ezekiel 7:20, so זָכָר ׳צ Ezekiel 16:17 (i.e. in male form, according to figurative of harlotry for idolatry); צַלְמֵי מַסֵכֹתָם Numbers 33:52 their molten images; of painted pictures of men Ezekiel 23:14.

2 image, likeness, of resemblance, ׳בְּצ (בָּרָא) עָשָׂה, of God's making man in his own image, Genesis 1:26("" כִּדְמוּתֵנוּ), Genesis 1:27; Genesis 1:27; Genesis 9:6, ׳כְּצ Genesis 5:3 ("" בִּדְמוּתוֺ; all P).

3 figurative = mere, empty, image, semblance, ׳בְּצ Psalm 39:7 as (ב essentiae) a (mere) semblance man walks about; צַלְמָם תִּבְזֶה Psalm 73:20 thou wilt despise their semblance.

צְלֵם17 noun masculineDaniel 2:31 image (see Biblical Hebrew צלם); — absolute ׳צ Daniel 2:31; Daniel 3:1; construct ׳צ Daniel 3:19, צֶ֫לֶם Daniel 3:5 +; emphatic צַלְמָא Daniel 2:31 +; — image Daniel 2:31 (twice in verse); Daniel 2:32,34,35; Daniel 3:1 10t. 3; אַנֶמּוֺהִי ׳צ Daniel 3:19 i.e. his expression.

image, vain show

From an unused root meaning to shade; a phantom, i.e. (figuratively) illusion, resemblance; hence, a representative figure, especially an idol -- image, vain shew.

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