6924. qedem
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qedem: aforetime
Original Word: קֶ֫דֶם
Part of Speech: noun masculine; adverb; noun
Transliteration: qedem
Phonetic Spelling: (keh'-dem)
Short Definition: aforetime

קֶ֫דֶם noun [masculine] front, east, aforetime; — absolute׳ק Deuteronomy 33:27 +, קֶ֑קֶם Judges 8:10 +; construct קֶדֶם Proverbs 8:22; once plural construct קַדְמֵי Proverbs 8:23; —

1 location

a. front, ׳מִקּ Isaiah 9:11 from the front (i.e. East), in front (opposed to מֵאָחוֺר), ׳אָחוֺר וָק Psalm 139:5 behind and before; אֶהֳלֹךְ ׳ק Job 23:8 I go forward (opposed to אָחוֺר)

b. East: ׳הַרהַֿקּ Genesis 10:30 (J) mount of the East; ׳בְּנֵיקֿ = dwellers in the east, tribes east or northeast of Canaan Genesis 29:1 (E), Judges 6:3,33; Judges 7:12; Judges 8:10; 1 Kings 5:10; Isaiah 11:14; Jeremiah 49:28; Ezekiel 25:4,10; Job 1:3; ׳הַרְרֵי ק Numbers 23:7, see Di Sachau: Reise (1883), 159 ff.165 ff. Dr in Hast.PETHOS; ׳אֶרֶץ ק Genesis 25:6 (J); מָֽלְאוּ מִקֶּדֶם Isaiah 2:6 they are full from the east (insert probablyקֶסֶם, מִקְסָם, or < קֹסְמִים before ׳מִקּ, compare Lo De Du CheHpt Di-Kit); elsewhere ׳מִקּ =eastward: (I) in the east Genesis 2:8 (2) on the eastern (side) Genesis 12:8 (J) Zechariah 14:4; לְ ׳מִקּ on the east of Genesis 3:24 (J), Genesis 12:8 (J), Numbers 34:(P), Joshua 7:2 (JE), Judges 8:11; Ezekiel 11:23 = Jonah 4:5; -3eastward, with verb of motion Genesis 11:2; Genesis 13:11 (both J).

2 temporal, ancient time, aforetime:

a. ׳הַרְרֵי ק Deuteronomy 33:15 ancient mountains, compare ׳אֱלֹהֵי ק Deuteronomy 33:27, ׳מַלְכֵיקֿ Isaiah 19:11, ׳בִּשְׁמֵי שְׁמֵיקֿ Psalm 68:34.

b. ׳כִּימֵי ק Psalm 44:2 in ancient days; compare ׳מִימֵי ק from of old Isaiah 23:7; Micah 7:20; Lamentations 1:7; Lamentations 2:17; Isaiah 37:26 = ׳לְמִימֵי ק) 2 Kings 19:25 (see מִן 9b (2)); ׳כִּימֵי ק Isaiah 51:9; Jeremiah 46:26; ׳יַרְחֵי ק Job 29:2 months of old.

c. ׳מִקּ from of old Micah 5:1; Isaiah 45:21; Isaiah 46:10; Habakkuk 1:12; Nehemiah 12:46; Psalm 77:12 ׳מִנִּיק 7; Psalm 8:2 springing out of, derived from, ancient times (compare Dr); ׳יָמִים מִקּ Psalm 77:6; Psalm 143:5 days from of old.

d. ׳ק alone, as adverb anciently, of old Psalm 74:2; Psalm 119:152; ׳כְּק Jeremiah 30:20; Lamentations 5:21; ׳ישֵׁב ק Psalm 55:20 he that sitteth (enthroned from) of old.

e. beginning, מִקַּדְמֵיאָֿ֑רֶץ Proverbs 8:23 from the beginnings of the earth; מִפְעָלָיו ׳ק Proverbs 8:22 the beginning of his works ("" רֵאשִׁית).

[קֵ֫דֶם], with ה locative I. קֵ֫דְמָה

adverb eastward, to, toward, the east; — Genesis 25:6 (J), Leviticus 1:16; Leviticus 16:14; Numbers 34:3,11,15; Joshua 19:12,13 (all P), 1 Kings 7:39 2Chronicles 4:10; 1 Kings 17:3 = 2 Kings 13:17; Ezekiel 8:16 (twice in verse); + north, south, west, Genesis 13:14; Genesis 28:14 (both J), Numbers 2:3; Numbers 3:28; Numbers 10:5 (north, west, in ᵐ5), Numbers 34:10 (all P); also as

noun after מְּאַת = eastern side, Exodus 27:13; Exodus 38:13 (both P), + W Ezekiel 45:7 (strike out Co; read קֶדֶם Berthol Toy Krae), + north, south, west, Numbers 35:5; Joshua 18:20 so ׳גְּבוּל ק Joshua 15:5 (all P).

aforetime, ancient time, before, east end, part, side eternal, everlasting, forward,

Or qedmah {kayd'-maw}; from qadam; the front, of place (absolutely, the fore part, relatively the East) or time (antiquity); often used adverbially (before, anciently, eastward) -- aforetime, ancient (time), before, east (end, part, side, -ward), eternal, X ever(-lasting), forward, old, past. Compare qidmah.

see HEBREW qadam

see HEBREW qidmah

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