7024. Qiyr
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Qiyr: Kir
Original Word: קִיר
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Qiyr
Phonetic Spelling: (keer)
Short Definition: Kir

II. קִיר in proper name, of a location of Moabite cities (compare קר = city MI11, 12, 24, plural קרן Jeremiah 1:29); — ᵐ5 usually omitted, or reads τὸ τεῖχος; —

1 מוֺאָב ׳ק Isaiah 15:1, possibly Rabba, south of Arnon, see BuhlGeogr.270.

2 חֶ֫רֶשׂ ׳ק Jeremiah 48:31,36, חָ֑רֶשׂ ׳ק Isaiah 16:11 = חֲרֶ֫שֶׂת ׳ק Isaiah 16:7, חֲדָ֑שֶׂת ׳ק 2 Kings 3:25 (Gi חֲרָ֑שֶׁת ׳ק), perhaps Kerak, south of Rabba, see Buhllb., and compare (on Kerak) PalmerDes. of Exodus 2.472 DowlingPEQ. Oct. 1896, 327, especially Mauss in de LuynesVoyage à la Mer Morte (1864), ii. 106 ff., iii (Atlas, near the end), 13 plural

III. קִיר proper name, of a territory or people ׳ק original house of Aram Amos 9:7; קִ֫ירָה as place of exile Amos 1:5; 2 Kings 16:9 (ᵐ5 τὴν πόλιν); קִיר as people in Assyrian army Isaiah 22:6 (Isaiah 22:5 see I. קִיר near the end). — Location dubious, see conspectus of older views DrAmos 1:5; plausible is some tribe in Southern Babylonia, east of Tigris WklAT Unters 178, compare HalREJ xi. 60; — WMMHast. DB KIB everywhere strike out, or emend קוֺעַ, but see I. קִיר 3 above

קֵירֹס = קֵרֹס


The same as qiyr; fortress; Kir, a place in Assyrian; also one in Moab -- Kir. Compare Qiyr Cheres.

see HEBREW qiyr

see HEBREW Qiyr Cheres

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