7136. qarah
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qarah: appoint
Original Word: קָרָה
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: qarah
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-raw')
Short Definition: appoint

[קָרָה] verb encounter, meet, befall ("") II קָרָא Late Hebrew קָרָה meet (rare), קְרִי misfortune specifically (nocturnal) pollution, and so Aramaic קִרְיוּתָא ; Arabic () is go seek earnestly , receive hospitably as guest; Ethiopic II. 3, present, offer as sacrifice); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular suffix קָֽרְךָ Deuteronomy 25:18, (ו)קָרָהוּ Genesis 44:29 +; Imperfect, 3 masculine singular יִקְרֶה Ecclesiastes 9:11 + Daniel 10:14 Kt (Qr יִקְרָא), וָיִ֫קֶר Ruth 2:3, suffix יִקְרְךָ Numbers 11:23, יִקְּרֵךְ 1 Samuel 28:10 (dagesh forte dirimens); Participle feminine plural קֹרֹת Genesis 42:29; —

1 encounter, meet, accusative of person Deuteronomy 25:18, compare (accusative of thing) ׳וַיִ֫קֶר מִקְרֶהָ חֶלְקַת וגו Ruth 2:3 her chance lighted upon field, etc.

2 befall, accusative of person, subject evil Genesis 44:29 (J), 1 Samuel 28:10, ׳יs word Numbers 11:23 (JE), indefinite Genesis 42:29 (J) Isaiah 41:22 (absolute) Esther 4:7; Esther 6:13; Daniel 10:14 (ל person); ׳עֵת וָפֶגַע יִק אֶתכֻּֿלָּם Ecclesiastes 9:11; subject מִקְרֶה Ecclesiastes 2:14; compare Ecclesiastes 2:15.

Niph`al Perfect3masculine singular נִקְרָה Exodus 3:18; 1singular נִקְרֵיתִי 2 Samuel 1:6; Imperfect3masculine singular יִקָּרֶה Numbers 23:3, וַיִּקָּר Numbers 23:4,16; 1singular אִקָּרֶה Numbers 23:15; —

1 encounter, meet without pre-arrangement, usually of ׳י (God): with עַל person Exodus 3:18 (J), אֶל Pers. Numbers 23:4,16 לִקְרָתִי ׳י ׳יִקּ v3 (all J E); object ׳י (om) v15.

2 chance to be present, ב location, 2 Samuel 1:6 (+Infinitiveabs נִקְרֹא).

Hiph`il 1. of ׳י cause ( the right thing good fortune) to occur, with לִפְנֵי Perfect3masculine singularהִקְרָה Genesis 27:20 Imperative masculine singular הַקְרֵה Genesis 24:12 (both J).

2 of Isrel, Perfect2masculine plural cones וְהִקְרִיתֶם לָכָם עָרִים Numbers 35:11 ye shall (caus cities to occur rightly for yourselves, i.e.) select cities as suitable.

[קָרָה] verb denominative Pi`el lay the beams of, furnish with beams; — with accusative of the building: Perfect3plural suffix קֵרוּהוּ Nehemiah 3:3,6; Infinitive construct לְקָרוֺת Nehemiah 2:8; 2Chronicles 34:11; Participle הַמְּקָרֶה Psalm 104:3 (figurative).

appoint, lay make beams, befall, bring, come to pass unto, floor, hap was, happen unto,

A primitive root; to light upon (chiefly by accident); causatively, to bring about; specifically, to impose timbers (for roof or floor) -- appoint, lay (make) beams, befall, bring, come (to pass unto), floor, (hap) was, happen (unto), meet, send good speed.

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