7388. riyr
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riyr: spittle
Original Word: רִיר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: riyr
Phonetic Spelling: (reer)
Short Definition: spittle

רִיר noun masculine slimy juice, spittle; — construct בְּרִיר חַלָּמוּת Job 6:6 in the juice of ׳ח (al. slime of yolk, i.e. white of egg); suffix דִירוֺ 1 Samuel 21:14 his spittle.

רֵישׁ, רִישׁ see רושׁ. רִישׁוֺן see ראשׁון

רַךְ, רֹךְ see רבך

spittle, white of an egg

From ruwr; saliva; by resemblance, broth -- spittle, white (of an egg).

see HEBREW ruwr

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