7411. ramah
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ramah: beguile
Original Word: רָמָה
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ramah
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-maw')
Short Definition: beguile

I. רָמָה verb cast, shoot (Assyrian ramû throw, lay; Arabic throw, shoot; Ethiopic strike, aim a blow at; Aramaic רְמָא, cast, throw); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳ר, subject ׳י Exodus 15:1,21 (song), with accusative + בַּיָּם; Participle רֹמֵה קֶשֶׁת Jeremiah 4:29 collective (or read רֹמֵי bow-shooter, bowmen, plural construct ׳נוֺשְׁקֵי רוֺמֵיקֿ Psalm 78:9 (see II. נשׁק); compare רֹבֵה Genesis 21:20 (see II. רבה, קַשָּׁת

II. [רָמָה] verb Pi`el beguile, deal treacherously with (Late Hebrew in derivatives; ᵑ7 רְמָא Pa`el; BuhlLex compare Arabic VI. be sluggish, backward (of wound), become putrid, corrupt); — Perfect3masculine singular רִמָּה Proverbs 26:19, suffix רִמָּנִי 2 Samuel 19:27; 2masculine singular suffix רִמִּיתָנִי Genesis 29:25; 1 Samuel 28:12; 2feminine singular suffix דִמִּיתִנִי 1 Samuel 19:17, etc.; Infinitive construct suffix לְרַמּוֺתַנִי 1 Chronicles 12:18 (van d. H. v.1 Chronicles 12:17); — be-guile, deceive, mislead, acc. person, Genesis 29:25 (E), Joshua 9:22 (JE), 1 Samuel 28:12; 2 Samuel 19:27; Proverbs 26:19; deal treacherously with, betray, accusative of person, 1 Samuel 19:17 Lamentations 1:19, + לְצָרַי 1 Chronicles 12:17.

[רְמָא] verb cast, throw (see Biblical Hebrew I. רמךְ (rare)); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine plural רְמוֺ Daniel 6:17; Daniel 6:25; 1plural רְמֵ֫ינָא Daniel 3:24; Infinitive לְמִרְמֵא Daniel 3:20; Ezra 7:24); —

1 cast, accusative of person + ל location Daniel 3:24; Daniel 6:25; accusative of person omitted Daniel 6:17; Daniel 3:20.

2 figurative throw (burden of) tribute, עַל person, Ezra 7:24.

Pe`il Perfect3masculine plural רְמִיו (WCG 225):

1 were cast, subject person with ל location, Daniel 3:21.

2 were placed, set, Daniel 7:9 (compare ᵑ7 Jeremiah 1:15 Dr, and Biblical Hebrew ירח 2).

Hithpe`el be cast, subject person with ל location: Imperfect3masculine singular יִתְרְמֵא Daniel 3:6,11; Daniel 6:8; Daniel 6:13; 2masculine plural תִּתְרְמוֺן Daniel 3:15.

beguile, betray, bowman, carry, deceive, throw

A primitive root; to hurl; specifically, to shoot; figuratively, to delude or betray (as if causing to fall) -- beguile, betray, (bow-)man, carry, deceive, throw.

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