7771. showa'
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showa': bountiful
Original Word: שׁ֫וֹעַ
Part of Speech: Adjective; proper name, of a people; noun masculine
Transliteration: showa'
Phonetic Spelling: (sho'-ah)
Short Definition: bountiful

I. שׁוֺעַ adjective (free), idependent, noble (in station) (according to most from second. √ שׁוע = ישׁע in sense of Arabic (compare תְּשׁוּעָה below); but actual existence of such a √ not proven; Thes allows שׁוֺעַ = יְשׁוֺעַ) — noble, of rank (and, by implication, of character) Isaiah 32:5 ("" נָדִיב opposed to כִּילַי), Job 34:19 (Di and others rich, but "" שָׂרִים opposed to דַּל). —

II. שׁוֺעַ Isaiah 22:5, see below [שָׁוַע].

III. שׁוֺעַ

proper name, of a people Ezekiel 23:23, see ׳שׁ

II. שׁוֺעַ noun [masculine] cry, perhaps war-cry, or cry for help in war Isaiah 22:5. — I.שׁוֺעֵ see ישׁע.

bountiful, crying, rich

From shava' in the original sense of freedom; a noble, i.e. Liberal, opulent; also (as noun in the derived sense) a halloo -- bountiful, crying, rich.

see HEBREW shava'

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