7791. shur
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shur: a wall
Original Word: שׁוּר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: shur
Phonetic Spelling: (shoor)
Short Definition: wall

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as shor
a wall
NASB Translation
wall (3), walls (1).

II. שׁוּר noun [masculine] wall (Aramaic שׁוּרָא, ); — Genesis 49:22 (poem in J), 2 Samuel 22:30 = Psalm 18:30; plural suffix שׁוּרֹתָם Job 24:11 their walls De Di De, compare Bu; but see שׁוּרָה infra; שָׁרוֺתֶיהָ Jeremiah 5:10 = its walls, according to Vrss AV RV Gf Gie, read then ׳שֻׁ, but see id.

[שׁוּרָה] noun feminine probably row of olives or vines (so Du Buhl and others; compare Late Hebrew שׁוּרָה, Jewish-Aramaic שׁוּרְתָא row, whence modern Arabic as loan-word, compare VogelstLand wirthschaft 41 f.); — plural suffix שׁוּרֹתְם Job 24:11 (al. II. שׁוּר); Bu and Du strike out suffix; here also Jeremiah 5:10 (reading ׳שֻׁ) Du Buhl Dr, her (vine-)rows, but see II. שׁוּר.


proper name, masculine 1 Chronicles 18:16, see שְׂרָיָה.

[שׁוּר] noun masculine wall (compare Biblical Hebrew II. שׁוּר id.; Egyptian Aramaic שור RŠS361A 5; B 1); — plural emphatic שׁוּרַיָּה Ezra 4:16, אָ֯ Ezra 4:13; Ezra 4:12 read ׳שׁוּרַיָּא שׁ Qr, for ׳שׁורי אשׁ Kt.


From shuwr; a wall (as going about) -- wall.

see HEBREW shuwr

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