7851. Shittim
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Shittim: a place East of the Jordan, also a wadi perhaps West of Jer.
Original Word: שִׁטִּים
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Shittim
Phonetic Spelling: (shit-teem')
Short Definition: Shittim

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as shittah
a place E. of the Jordan, also a wadi perhaps W. of Jer.
NASB Translation
Shittim (5).

שִׁטִּים proper name, of a location always ׳הַשּׁ; usually Σαττειν:

1 East of Jordan, Joshua 2:1; Joshua 3:1 (E), Micah 6:5; Numbers 25:1 (P); = ׳אָבֵל הַשּׁ Numbers 33:49; on exact site see BuhlG 116 GrayNumbers 25:1.

2 ׳נַחַל הַשּׁ Joel 4:18 (perhaps Wady es-San‰, west of Jerusalem, compare We BuhlGeogr. 90, and views in Dr).


The same as the plural of shittah; acacia trees; Shittim, a place East of the Jordan -- Shittim.

see HEBREW shittah

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