8095. Shimon
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Shimon: a son of Jacob, also his tribe, also an Israelite with a foreign wife
Original Word: שִׁמְעוֹן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Shimon
Phonetic Spelling: (shim-one')
Short Definition: Simeon

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from shama
a son of Jacob, also his tribe, also an Isr. with a foreign wife
NASB Translation
Shimeon (1), Simeon (43).

שִׁמְעוֺן44 proper name, masculine (compare proper name שמעון in Palmyrene Lzb378; meaning doubtful; Rs and others compare said to mean offspring of hyena and wolf; see HoggEBiv. 4531); —

1 second son of Jacob and Leath, Συμεωη: Genesis 29:33 (name explanation from שָׁמַע), Genesis 35:23; Exodus 1:2 14t. (associated especially with Levi Genesis 34:25,30; Genesis 49:5).

2 tribal name Judges 1:3 (twice in verse); Judges 1:17; Numbers 1:6 +; so ׳גְּנֵי שׁ Numbers 1:22 7t., ׳מַטֵה שׁ Numbers 1:23; Numbers 2:12; Numbers 13:5; ׳מַטֵּה גְנֵי שׁ Numbers 10:19; Numbers 34:20; Joshua 19:1,8; Joshua 21:9; 1 Chronicles 6:50.

3 post-exilic Jew with foreign wife Ezra 10:31.


From shama'; hearing; Shimon, one of Jacob's sons, also the tribe descended from him -- Simeon.

see HEBREW shama'

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