816. asham
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asham: to offend, be guilty
Original Word: אָשַׁם
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: asham
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-sham')
Short Definition: guilty

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to offend, be guilty
NASB Translation
acknowledge their guilt (1), bear their guilt (1), became guilty (1), become guilty (3), becomes guilty (4), certainly guilty (1), condemned (2), desolate (1), did wrong (1), found guilty (1), go (1), guilty (9), held guilty (3), hold them guilty (1), incurred grievous guilt (1), suffer (1), unpunished* (1), wronged (1).

אָשַׁם, אָשֵׁם verb offend, be guilty (Arabic , id., sin, offence, , , requital, fault, guilt, mulct, compare Ethiopic ) — אָשַׁם Leviticus 5:19; Numbers 5:7; אָשֵׁם Habakkuk 1:11 7t.; אָֽשְׁמָה Numbers 5:6; אָשָׁ֑מְתָּ Proverbs 30:10; אָשַׁמְתְּ Ezekiel 22:4; אָשֵׁ֑מוּ Leviticus 4:13; Imperfect יֶאְשַׁם Hosea 4:15 13t.; Infinitive absolute אָשֹׁם Leviticus 5:19; אָשׁוֺם Ezekiel 25:12; —

1 commit an offence, a trespass, do a wrong, or an injury, with אָשֹׁם אָשַׁם ליהוה ׃לְ he hath done a great wrong to Yahweh (in violating the commands) Leviticus 5:19 (P); וְנָתַן לַאֲשֶׁר אָשַׁם לוֺ and he shall give it (restitution) to him to whom he did wrong Numbers 5:7 (P), compare 2 Chronicles 19:10 (twice in verse); וַיֶאְשְׁמוּ אָשׁוֺם and they committed lasting wrong (irreparable wrong, the Edomites against Judah) Ezekiel 25:12.

2 be or become guilty Judges 21:22; Jeremiah 50:7; Hosea 4:15; Habakkuk 1:11; in offences requiring sin-offering Leviticus 4:13,22,27 (P), of trespass-offering Leviticus 5:2,3,17; Leviticus 5:23; Numbers 5:6 (P); with ל guilty of Leviticus 5:4,5 (P), with ב in or through Ezekiel 22:4; Hosea 13:1.

3 be held guilty, bear punishment Psalm 34:22; Psalm 34:23; Proverbs 30:10; Isaiah 24:6; Jeremiah 2:3; Hosea 5:15; Hosea 10:2; Hosea 14:1; Zechariah 11:5; Ezekiel 6:6 (but compare שָׁמֵם).

Niph`al נֶאְשָׁמוּ suffer punishment Joel 1:18 (si vera lectio; Me We and others נָשַׁמּוּ, √ שׁמם, compare Dron the passage).

Hiph`il Imperfect suffix הַאֲשִׁימֵם declare them guilty Psalm 5:11.

certainly, become, made desolate, destroy, greatly, become, found, hold guilty,

Or mashem {aw-shame'}; a primitive root; to be guilty; by implication to be punished or perish -- X certainly, be(-come, made) desolate, destroy, X greatly, be(-come, found, hold) guilty, offend (acknowledge offence), trespass.

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