8165. Seir
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Seir: a mountain range in Edom, also its inhab., also a mountain in Judah
Original Word: שֵׂעִיר
Part of Speech: proper name; mont.; of a people; masculine; mont.
Transliteration: Seir
Phonetic Spelling: (say-eer')
Short Definition: Seir

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as sear
a mountain range in Edom, also its inhab., also a mountain in Judah
NASB Translation
Seir (39).

שֵׂעִיר proper name Se`îr (= שָׂעִיר, goat ? compare GrayProp.N.94; but note play in שֵׂעָר Genesis 25:25, שָׂעִר Genesis 27:11,23; NöZMG xl (1886). 165; Ency. Bib. ii. 1183 compare proper name, of a mountain (the 'hairy,' i.e. 'well-wooded,' compare trees), proper name, of a people (originally proper name, of a location) ; LagBN 92 thinks ׳שׂ originally proper name, masculine, but land much earlier in OT.; perhaps = Tel Amarna land Šêri, ZimZA vi (1891), 257 JastrJBL xi (1892), 114 WklTel Am. 181, 26 BuhlEdom. 28. f.); —

1 Σηειρ:

a. terr. land of Edom, south of Dead Sea, ׳אַ֫רְצָה שׂ Genesis 32:4 (J; "" שְׂדֵה אֱדוֺם), compare Genesis 36:30 (P); ׳שׂ alone Judges 5:4 (poem; "" id.), Numbers 24:18 (J E; "" אֱדוֺם), Deuteronomy 1:44; Deuteronomy 2:4,8,12,22,29; Deuteronomy 33:2; Joshua 11:19 (D), Isaiah 21:11; 2Chronicles 20:23 b; with ה locative שֵׂעִ֫ירָה Genesis 33:14,16 (J), Joshua 12:7 (D).

b. specific

mont. East of Arabah, ׳הַרשֿׂ Joshua 24:4 (E), Genesis 36:8,9 (P), Deuteronomy 1:2; Deuteronomy 2:1; Deuteronomy 21:5; Ezekiel 35:2,3,7,15; 1 Chronicles 4:42; 2Chronicles 20:10,22,23; compare ׳הַרֲרָם שׂ Genesis 14:6 (home of הַחֹרִי; on text see BuhlEdom. 28 GunkGn).

c. of a people Ezekiel 25:8 = Edom [van d. H. ׳שׁ]; but strike out ᵐ5B Hi Co Berthol Toy Krae.

d. personified as masculine in ׳בְּנֵישֿׂ (see חֹרִי p. 360; compare Genesis 14:6) Genesis 36:20 = 1 Chronicles 1:38; Genesis 36:21 (P; + בְּאֶרֶץ אֱדוֺם); = Edomites 2 Chronicles 25:11,14 ("" אֱדוֺמִים).

2. mont. in Judah, ׳הַרשֿׂ Joshua 15:10 (P), Ασσαρ, A Σηειρ, ᵐ5L Σιειρ; Di BuhlG 91 and others compare hill-ruin Sârîs approximately 9 miles west of Jerusalem. (RobBR iii. 156).


Formed like sa'iyr; rough; Seir, a mountain of Idumaea and its aboriginal occupants, also one in Palestine -- Seir.

see HEBREW sa'iyr

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