8232. shephar
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shephar: to be fair or seemly
Original Word: שְׁפַר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: shephar
Phonetic Spelling: (shef-ar')
Short Definition: good

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to shaphar
to be fair or seemly
NASB Translation
pleasing (1), seemed good (2).

שְׁפַר verb be fair, seemly (ᵑ7 Syriac; compare Biblical Hebrew (rare and mostly late); Palmyrene שפר ל merit well of, SAC117; Cappad. Aramaic שפירא LzbEph. 160); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine singular ׳שׁ, with קֳדָם person it seemed good to Daniel 3:32; Daniel 6:2; Imperfect3masculine singular יִשְׁמַּר עַל Daniel 4:24 let my counsel be acceptable to thee.

be acceptable, please, think good

(Aramaic) corresponding to shaphar; to be beautiful -- be acceptable, please, + think good.

see HEBREW shaphar

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