8259. shaqaph
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shaqaph: to overhang, look out or down
Original Word: שָׁקַף
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: shaqaph
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-kaf')
Short Definition: down

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to overhang, look out or down
NASB Translation
grows (1), look down (1), looked (6), looked down (8), looks down (3), overlooks* (3).

I. שָׁקַף verb Niph`al Hiph`il overhang, look out and down (Late Hebrew Niph`al Hiph`il = Biblical Hebrew; compare Aramaic שְׁקִיפָא, ;, rocky pinnacle, rock, Arabic ceiling, roof, sky (on connection of meaningscompare Arabic overtop, overlook, from be high; look down upon, from rise); —

Niph`al Perfect3feminine singular נִשְׁקְפָה Judges 5:28+, וְנִשְׁקָ֖פָה Numbers 21:20 (read probably participle הַנִּשְׁקָפָה, compare Numbers 23:28, GBG); 1singular נִשְׁקָ֑פְתּי Proverbs 7:6; Participle נִשְׁקָף Numbers 23:28; 1 Samuel 13:18; Psalm 85:12; feminine נִשְׁקָפָָה Songs 6:10; — lean over (and look), lookdown, with בְּעַד of window, through Judges 5:28; 1 Samuel 2:16 = 1 Chronicles 15:29; Proverbs 7:6; absolute look down, forth Songs 6:10; with מִן of direction whence Jeremiah 6:1; Psalm 85:12 (both figurative); of mountain lean over upon (עַלמְּֿנֵי), overhang Numbers 21:20; Numbers 23:23; 1 Samuel 13:18 (read הַגֶּעַ for הגבול We Dr HPS and others).

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular הִשְׁקִיף Psalm 14:2 +; Imperfect3masculine singular יַשְׁקִיף Lamentations 3:50, וַיַּשְׁקֵף Genesis 19:28+, etc.;Imperative masculine singular cohortative הַשְׁקִ֫יפָה Deuteronomy 26:15; — look down (=

Niph`al): with בְּעַד of window Genesis 26:8 (J), 2 Kings 9:30, with אֶל person 2 Kings 9:32; look down upon, עַלמְּֿנֵי, subject person Genesis 18:16; Genesis 19:28 (both J), absolute וַיַּרְא ׳וַיַּשׁ 2 Samuel 24:20 (וַיַּבֵּט in "" 1 Chronicles 21:21); especially subject ׳י, with אֶל location Exodus 14:24 (J); with מִן local Deuteronomy 26:15; Psalm 102:20,+עַל person Psalm 14:2 = Psalm 53:3, + וְיֵ֫רֶא Lamentations 3:50.

II. שׁקף (√ of following; compare Aramaic שְׁקַף, strike, whence following as that against which the door strikes, see Frä20; Arabic , to ceil or roof, ceiling, roof).

appear, look down, forth, out

A primitive root; properly, to lean out (of a window), i.e. (by implication) peep or gaze (passively, be a spectacle) -- appear, look (down, forth, out).

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