8336. shesh
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shesh: byssus
Original Word: שֵׁשׁ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: shesh
Phonetic Spelling: (shaysh)
Short Definition: linen

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
NASB Translation
fine linen (16), fine...linen (21), finely...linen (1).

II. שֵׁשׁ noun masculine id.; — ׳עַמּוּדֵי שׁ Songs 5:15 (in figurative), Esther 1:6a, material of pavement Esther 1:6b (see בַּ֫הַט). — I. שֵׁשׁ see שׁדשׁ.

III. שֵׁשׁ noun masculineExodus 26:1 byssus (loan-word probably from Egyptian šen-suten Reinischap.DHMVOJ viii (1894), 7 Coptic šens, compare Coptic šent, weave; see M'LeanEncy.Bib. LINEN; on spinning, weaving, and wearing of linen in Egypt ErmanAegypten 594 ff.; Eng. Trans. 448 f.); — always absolute ׳שׁ (שׁשׁי Ezekiel 16:13 is error): — byssus, fine Egyptian linen ( בּוּץ, q. v., is later synonym), i.e. the linen thread (spun by women Exodus 35:25), and the material woven from it: used for garments Genesis 41:42 (E), Ezekiel 16:10,13 (שׁשׁי, read שׁשׁ), Proverbs 31:22; for sail (in figurative of Tyre as ship) Ezekiel 27:7 (brought from Egypt); elsewhere P, of priestly vestments Exodus 28:5,39 (twice in verse); Exodus 39:3,27,28 (twice in verse); also מָשְׁזָר ׳שׁ twisted linen Exodus 28:6,8,15; Exodus 39:2,5,8,28,29 + Exodus 39:24 (read ׳וְשֵׁשׁ מ ᵐ5 Bae); ׳שׁ of hangings, etc., in tabernacle Exodus 25:4; Exodus 35:6,23,25,35; Exodus 38:23, and so מָשְׁזָר ׳שׁ Exodus 26:1,31,36; Exodus 27:9,16,18; Exodus 36:8,35,37; Exodus 38:9,16,18.

blue, fine twined linen, marble, silk

Or (for alliteration with meshiy) shshiy {shesh-ee'}; for shayish; bleached stuff, i.e. White linen or (by analogy) marble -- X blue, fine ((twined)) linen, marble, silk.

see HEBREW meshiy

see HEBREW shayish

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