8487. Teman
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Teman: a N. district of Edom, also an Edomite chief
Original Word: תֵּימָן
Part of Speech: proper name; masculine
Transliteration: Teman
Phonetic Spelling: (tay-mawn')
Short Definition: Teman

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as yamin
a N. district of Edom, also an Edomite chief
NASB Translation
Teman (12).

II. תֵּימָן proper name (masculine and)

of a location a northern district of Edom, poetic often = Edom Amos 1:12 ("" אֱדוֺם vAmos 1:11, and בָּצְרָה), Obadiah 9 ("" הַרעֵֿשָׂו), Jeremiah 49:7,20; Ezekiel 25:13 (all "" אֱדוֺם); Habakkuk 3:3 ("" הַרמָּֿארָן); probably also Joshua 12:3; Joshua 13:4 (both D); in Genesis 3:6 (P) as name of an Edomite chief, son of אֱלִיפַז and grandson of Esau Genesis 3:11 = 1 Chronicles 1:36; 1 Chronicles 1:42 = 1 Chronicles 1:53; so תֵּו֯מָן Genesis 36:15. — See further BuhlEdomiter 30.

south, Teman

Or Teman {tay-mawn'}; the same as teyman; Teman, the name of two Edomites, and of the region and descendant of one of them -- south, Teman.

see HEBREW teyman

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