875. beer
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beer: a well, pit
Original Word: בְּאֵר
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: beer
Phonetic Spelling: (be-ayr')
Short Definition: well

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from baar
a well, pit
NASB Translation
pit (2), pits (1), well (29), well's (1), wells (3).

בְּאֵר noun feminineGenesis 26:21 well, pit, mostly Hexateuch, Genesis 23 t., Exodus 1 t., Numbers 5 t., 37 t. in all; Arabic , Aramaic בְּאֵרָא, בֵּיר, בֵּירָא, , Sabean באר DHMZMG. 1875, 608, Assyrian bêru, LyonSargon 61 (connection with above √ not clear; Lagl.c. spring of water, as coming to light, appearing; possible, although meaning in use rather well, than spring; see however, Genesis 16:14 compare Genesis 16:7; Genesis 26:19; Numbers 21:17) — ׳בּ absolute Genesis 21:30 +; construct Genesis 21:19 +; suffix בְּאֵֶר֑ךָ Proverbs 5:15; Plural absolute בְּאֵרֹת Genesis 26:15; construct id. Genesis 26:18; compare בֶּאֱרֹת בֶּאֱרֹת חֵמָר Genesis 14:10; —

1 a well, often as made by digging (חָפַר) Genesis 21:25,30 (E), Genesis 26:15,18,19,21,22,32 (all J), also in poetry Numbers 21:18 (+ כרה) see also Numbers 21:16; Numbers 21:17 (where the well addressed, in song, עֲלִי בְאֵר); also with כרה in prose Genesis 26:25; also with no reference to its origin Genesis 16:14 (J; "" עַיִן Genesis 16:7), Genesis 29:2; Exodus 2:15 (J) Numbers 20:17; Numbers 21:22 (E) 2 Samuel 17:18,21; בְּאֵר (ה)מַיִם Genesis 21:19 (E) Genesis 24:11 (J; "" עַיִן Genesis 24:13; Genesis 24:16; Genesis 24:43; Genesis 24:45); (compare also Genesis 21:25; Genesis 26:18 above & especially Genesis 26:19 בְּאֵר מַיִם חַיִּים); water taken from it by drawing (שָׁאַב) Genesis 24:11,20; flocks watered from it (הִשְׁקָה מִןֿ) Genesis 29:2,3,8,10 (compare especially Exodus 2:16 they drew, דלה, and filled the troughs); also מִתּוֺךְ בְּאֵרֶ֑ךָ .... שְׁתֵה מַיִם Proverbs 5:15 ("" בּוֺר); the opening called מִּי הַבְּאֵר Genesis 29:2,3(twice in verse); Genesis 29:8,10; compare ׳מְּנֵי הַבּ 2 Samuel 17:19 (read probably מּי so ᵑ7 ᵑ6 ᵑ9, compare Dr); figurative of fresh delights of woman beloved Songs 4:15 מַעְיַן גַּנִּים בְּאֵר מַיִם חַיִּים וְנוֺזְלִים מִןלְֿבָנוֺן.

2 pit (= בּוֺר); pits of bitumen Genesis 14:10 (compare above); בְּאֵר שַׁחַת Psalm 55:24 pit of (the) grave; compare Psalm 69:16 וְאַלתֶּֿאְטַר עָלַי בְּאֵר מִּיהָ and let not (the) pit shut its mouth over me ("" מְצוּלָה); figurative of strange woman בְּאֵר צָרָה a narrow pit, out of which rescue is difficult Proverbs 23:27 ("" שׁוּחָה עֲמֻקָּה). 3 as

proper name, of a location a. with ָ  ה locative בְּאֵ֫רָה a station of Israel in desert Numbers 21:16, possibly = בְּאֵר אֵילִים Isaiah 15:8.

b. same form Judges 9:21, according to Euseb. LagOnom.238, 2nd ed. 2508miles north of Eleutheropolis; compare RobBR i. 452 who compare elBîreh, near Beth-shemesh.

בְּאֵר אֵילִים see בְּאֵר

3. a. above

pit, well

From ba'ar; a pit; especially a well -- pit, well.

see HEBREW ba'ar

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