948. buts
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buts: byssus
Original Word: בּוּץ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: buts
Phonetic Spelling: (boots)
Short Definition: linen

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
NASB Translation
fine linen (5), fine...linen (1), linen (2).

בּוּץ, בֻּץ noun [masculine] byssus (late), (Phoenician בוץ, Aramaic בּוּץ, ; √ dubious; Birch, WilkinsonEgyptians ii. 158 f. from Egyptian hbos,, clothe; see Say. Herodotii. 86; Thes from √ בוץ, but NöZMG 1875, 650; Armen., according to LagSemitic i. 72 and others) a fine white Egyptian linen, and cloth made of it, מִשְׁמְּחוֺת בֵּיתעֲֿבֹדַת הַבֻּץ 1 Chronicles 4:21 families of the house of byssus-working; compare 2 Chron 2:13; מְכֻרְבָּל בִּמְעִיל בּוּץ 1 Chronicles 15:27 clothed in a robe of byssus (but read rather as "" 2 Samuel 6:14 מְכַרְכֵּר בְּכָלעֹֿז was dancing with all his might); compare ׳תַּכְרִיךְ בּ Esther 8:15; מְלֻבָּשִׁים בּוּץ2Chronicles 5:12; חַבְלֵי בוּץ Esther 1:6; 2Chronicles 3:14 material of מָּרֹכֶת; article of trade Ezekiel 27:16 (strike out ᵐ5 Co). compare also שֵׁשׁ.

בוק (= בקק).

fine white linen

From an unused root (of the same form) meaning to bleach, i.e. (intransitive) be white; probably cotton (of some sort) -- fine (white) linen.

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