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Shu'hamites (2 Occurrences)

Numbers 26:42 These are the sons of Dan after their families: of Shuham, the family of the Shuhamites. These are the families of Dan after their families. (See RSV)

Numbers 26:43 All the families of the Shuhamites, according to those that were numbered of them, were threescore and four thousand and four hundred. (See RSV)

Shu'hamites (2 Occurrences)
Shu'hamites. << Shuhamites, Shu'hamites. Shuhite >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Shu'hamites (2 Occurrences). Numbers 26:42 These are the ...
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Shuhite (5 Occurrences)

/s/shuhite.htm - 8k

Shuhamites (2 Occurrences)

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