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While I was contemplating the horns, suddenly another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like those of a man and a mouth that spoke words of arrogance.

Young's Literal Translation
{A1934.htm" title="{A1934">‘I was{A7920.htm" title="{A7920"> considering{A9986.htm" title="{A9986"> about{A9988.htm" title="{A9988"> the{A7162.htm" title="{A7162"> horns{A9989.htm" title="{A9989">, and{A431.htm" title="{A431"> lo{A317.htm" title="{A317">, another{A7162.htm" title="{A7162"> horn{A2192.htm" title="{A2192">, a little{A5559.htm" title="{A5559"> one, hath come up{A997.htm" title="{A997"> between{A2004.htm" title="{A2004"> them{A9989.htm" title="{A9989">, and{A8532.htm" title="{A8532"> three{A4481.htm" title="{A4481"> of{A9988.htm" title="{A9988"> the{A6933.htm" title="{A6933"> first{A7162.htm" title="{A7162"> horns{A6132.htm" title="{A6132"> have been eradicated{A4481.htm" title="{A4481"> from{A6925.htm" title="{A6925"> before{A9925.htm" title="{A9925"> it{A9989.htm" title="{A9989">, and{A431.htm" title="{A431"> lo{A5870.htm" title="{A5870">, eyes{A9985.htm" title="{A9985"> as{A5870.htm" title="{A5870"> the eyes{A606.htm" title="{A606"> of man{A9986.htm" title="{A9986"> [are] in{A1668.htm" title="{A1668"> this{A7162.htm" title="{A7162"> horn{A9989.htm" title="{A9989">, and{A6433.htm" title="{A6433"> a mouth{A4449.htm" title="{A4449"> speaking{A7229.htm" title="{A7229"> great things.

King James Bible
I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn [were] eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.

While I was
הֲוֵ֜ית (hă·wêṯ)
Verb - Qal - Perfect - first person common singular
Strong's 1934: To become, come to pass, be

מִשְׂתַּכַּ֨ל (miś·tak·kal)
Verb - Hitpael - Participle - masculine singular
Strong's 7920: To be, circumspect, intelligent

the horns,
בְּקַרְנַיָּ֗א (bə·qar·nay·yā)
Preposition-b | Noun - feminine plural determinate
Strong's 7162: A horn

suddenly another
אָחֳרִ֤י (’ā·ḥo·rî)
Adjective - feminine singular
Strong's 317: Another

קֶ֣רֶן (qe·ren)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 7162: A horn

a little one,
זְעֵירָה֙ (zə·‘ê·rāh)
Adjective - feminine singular
Strong's 2192: Little, small

came up
סִלְקָ֣ת (sil·qāṯ)
Verb - Qal - Perfect - third person feminine singular
Strong's 5559: To ascend

among them,
בֵּֽינֵיהֵ֔ן (bê·nê·hên)
Preposition | third person feminine plural
Strong's 997: Between, either

and three
וּתְלָ֗ת (ū·ṯə·lāṯ)
Conjunctive waw | Number - feminine singular
Strong's 8532: Three, third

מִן־ (min-)
Strong's 4481: From, out of, by, by reason of, at, more than

the first
קַדְמָ֣יָתָ֔א (qaḏ·mā·yā·ṯā)
Adjective - feminine plural determinate
Strong's 6933: Former, first

קַרְנַיָּא֙ (qar·nay·yā)
Noun - feminine plural determinate
Strong's 7162: A horn

were uprooted
אֶתְעֲקַ֖רָה (’eṯ·‘ă·qa·rāh)
Verb - Hitpael - Perfect - third person feminine plural
Strong's 6132: To pluck up, to hamstring, to exterminate

מִן־ (min-)
Strong's 4481: From, out of, by, by reason of, at, more than

קֳדָמַ֑הּ (qo·ḏā·mah)
Preposition | third person feminine singular
Strong's 6925: Before

דָ֔א (ḏā)
Adjective - feminine singular
Strong's 1668: This

בְּקַרְנָא־ (bə·qar·nā-)
Preposition-b | Noun - feminine singular determinate
Strong's 7162: A horn

had eyes
עַיְנִ֜ין (‘ay·nîn)
Noun - feminine plural
Strong's 5870: An eye

like those
כְּעַיְנֵ֤י (kə·‘ay·nê)
Preposition-k | Noun - feminine plural construct
Strong's 5870: An eye

of a man
אֲנָשָׁא֙ (’ă·nā·šā)
Noun - masculine singular determinate
Strong's 606: Man, mankind

and a mouth
וּפֻ֖ם (ū·p̄um)
Conjunctive waw | Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 6433: The mouth

that spoke
מְמַלִּ֥ל (mə·mal·lil)
Verb - Piel - Participle - masculine singular
Strong's 4449: To speak, say

words of arrogance.
רַבְרְבָֽן׃ (raḇ·rə·ḇān)
Adjective - feminine plural
Strong's 7260: Very great things


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