177. Uw'el
Lexical Summary
Uw'el: desire
Original Word: אוּאֵל
Transliteration: Uw'el
Phonetic Spelling: (oo-ale')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: desire
Meaning: Uel -- desire
Strong's Concordance

From 'ow and 'el; wish of God; Uel, and Israelite -- Uel.

see HEBREW 'ow

see HEBREW 'el


H177. Uw

'el אוּאֵלproper name, masculine a Judean (will of God, compare II. אוה‎; or contracted from אֲבוּאֵל‎ compare אִיעֶזֶר‎ ?) Ezra 10:34.

אוב‎ (meaning ? Thes compare Arabic return, whence Köoff.-begr.ii. 15 C StaG. i. 504; Bibi. Theol. i. 186 NowArchaeology ii. 273 as rediens, "revenant" but doubtful; water-carrier; but compare LagBN 90). MV compare אבב‎ (with conjectural sense) to get meaning have a hollow sound. Derivation and significance totally uncertain).


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