2307. Chadid
Lexical Summary
Chadid: a place in Benjamin
Original Word: חָדִיד
Transliteration: Chadid
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-deed')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: a place in Benjamin
Meaning: Hadid -- a place in Benjamin
Strong's Concordance

From chadad; a peak; Chadid, a place in Palestine -- Hadid.

see HEBREW chadad


H2307. Chadid

חָדִידproper name, of a location in Benjamin, mentioned with לֹד‎ and אוֺנוֺEzra 2:33 = Nehemiah 7:37; with these and other places 11:34; probably = Ἀδιδά1Macc 12:38, Ἀδίδοις 13:13; modern El-„adite approximately 3 4-Janmiles north of east from Lydda, GuérinJudée i. 320 (compare RobRR iii. 143).


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