3919. Layish
Lexical Summary
Layish: "lion", a city and region in N. Canaan
Original Word: לַיִשׁ
Transliteration: Layish
Phonetic Spelling: (lah'-yish)
Part of Speech: proper name, of a location; proper name, masculine; proper name, of a location
Short Definition: "lion", a city and region in N. Canaan
Meaning: Laish -- "lion", a city and region in northern Canaan
Strong's Concordance

The same as layish; Laish, the name of two places in Palestine -- Laish. Compare Luwsh.

see HEBREW layish

see HEBREW Luwsh


H3919. Layish

II. לַ֫יִשׁproper name, of a location (on meaning lion, compare RSSemitic i. 156 (om. 2nd ed.)); — former name of Dan, in extreme north of Canaan, Judges 18:7, 14, 27, 29 (see דָּן‎ b); ᵐ5Λαισα; = לֶשֶׁם‎ q. v.; compare BuhlGeogr. § 124.

III. לַ֫יִשׁproper name, masculine father of Michal's second husband, 1 Samuel 25:44 + 2 Samuel 3:15 Qr (Kt לושׁ‎), ᵐ5‎ A Λμεις, Σελλης, ᵐ5L Ιωας, Σελλειμ.

לַ֫יְשָׁהproper name, of a location North of Jerusalem Isaiah 10:30 (perhaps akin to III. לַיִשׁ‎, see Di); site unknown; see KasterenZPV xiii. 101 conjecture `Isawiye, village two miles northeast from Jerusalem (PEFMap; Mem. iii. 27 RobBR i. 437 compare BuhlGeogr. 175), ᵐ5ἐν Σα, Λαισα.


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