5006. naats
Lexical Summary
naats: to spurn, treat with contempt
Original Word: נָאַץ
Transliteration: naats
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-ats')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to spurn, treat with contempt
Meaning: to spurn, treat with contempt
Strong's Concordance
abhor, give occasion to blaspheme, contemn, despise, flourish, great, provoke

A primitive root; to scorn; or (Ecclesiastes 12:5) by interchange for nuwts, to bloom -- abhor, (give occasion to) blaspheme, contemn, despise, flourish, X great, provoke.

see HEBREW nuwts


H5006. naats

נָאַץverb contemn, spurn (Late Hebrew id., Pi`el; נִיאוּצָא ᵑ7reviling); —

Qal Perfect ׳נProverbs 5:12; 3plural נָָֽאֲצוּ1:30; נָאָ֑צוּPsalm 107:11; Imperfect יִנְאַץProverbs 15:5; יִנְאָצ֑וּןJeremiah 33:24, etc.; — contemn, subject wicked and foolish, object תּוֺכַחַתProverbs 1:30; 5:12; object מוּסָד15:5; עֵצָהPsalm 107:11; Jeremiah 33:24 (object י ׳עַם‎; compare Gie); subject ׳יDeuteronomy 32:19; Jeremiah 14:21; Lamentations 2:6.

Pi`el Perfect נִאֵץPsalm 10:3; 10:13; נִאַ֫צְתָּ2 Samuel 12:14, etc.; Imperfect יְנָאֵץPsalm 74:10; suffix יְנַאֲצֻנִיNumbers 14:11; Infinitive absolute נִאֵץ‎ (Sta§ 221) 2 Samuel 12:14; Participle suffix מְנָָֽאֲצַיNumbers 14:23; מְנַאֲצַיJeremiah 23:17; מְנַאֲצָ֑יִךְIsaiah 60:14; — contemn, spurn, subject men, object ׳י‎, etc.: Numbers 14:11, 23; 16:30 (all J), Deuteronomy 31:20; 1:4; Psalm 10:3; 10:13; Jeremiah 23:17; object י ׳שֵׁםPsalm 74:10; 74:18; י ׳אִמְרַתIsaiah 5:24; י ׳מִנְחַת1 Samuel 2:17; once object Jerusalem Isaiah 60:14; cause to contemn (blaspheme AV RV) 2 Samuel 12:14 (twice in verse) (but אֹיְבֵי‎ probably interp.; see Comm).

Hiph`il Imperfect יָנֵ֯אץ‎ see נצץ

Hithpo`el Participle מִנֹּאָץ שְׁמִי כלהֿיוםIsaiah 52:5 every day is my name contemned.

[נָצַץ‎] verb denominative bloom, blossom (Late Hebrew id.; Jewish-Aramaic נְצַץid.); —

Hiph`il Perfect3plural הֵנֵ֫צוּSong of Solomon 6:11 (no dagh., see Köi. 381 Ges § 67, 8, R. 11) the pomegranates have put forth blossoms, so 7:13; Imperfect3masculine singular יָנֵאץEcclesiastes 12:5 the almond-tree wears blossoms.

II. נצץ‎ (√ of following; compare Phoenician proper name, of a location אינֿצםisle (coast) of hawks, Lzb213; Lzb325; Syriac hawk; ᵑ7 נַצָא‎ (compare MeChrest. 241)).


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