7134. qardom
Lexical Summary
qardom: an axe
Original Word: קַרְדֹּם
Transliteration: qardom
Phonetic Spelling: (kar-dome')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: an axe
Meaning: an axe
Strong's Concordance

Perhaps from qadam in the sense of striking upon; an axe -- ax.

see HEBREW qadam


H7134. qardom

[קַרְדֹּם‎] noun [masculine] axe (√ unknown; compare Late Hebrew קַרְדֹּםdouble hoe,one side of which could split wood, VogelstLand writhsch.37; Arabic , adze is loan-word according to Frä84); — suffix קַרְדֻמּוֺ1 Samuel 13:20 + Judges 9:48 (so probably read for הַקַּרְדֻּמוֺתּ‎, A ᵐ5L τ. ἀξίνημ, GFM Bu Now); plural קַרְדֻּמִּים1 Samuel 13:21, קַרְדֻּמוֺתJeremiah 46:22; Psalm 74:5


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