7424. rammak
Lexical Summary
rammak: perhaps a mare
Original Word: רַמָּךְ
Transliteration: rammak
Phonetic Spelling: (ram-mawk')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: perhaps a mare
Meaning: perhaps a mare
Strong's Concordance

Of foreign origin; a brood mare -- dromedary.


H7424. rammak

[רַמָּךְ‎] noun [feminine] exact meaning dubious (compare Syriac herd; foreign word; Pahlavi ramak, New Persian , herd of sheep, horses, etc., Thes1291 Vullii. 52; in Late Hebrew mule born of mare and he-ass); — הָרַמָּכִים בְּנֵיEsther 8:10 usually sons of the (royal) mares, said of הָרֶכֶשׁ‎.

רמל‎ (in following compound; Thes compare Arabic adorn with gems; Old Hebrew רמליהו‎ Lzb369).


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