8385. ta'anah
Lexical Summary
ta'anah: occasion or time of copulation
Original Word: תַּאֲנָה
Transliteration: ta'anah
Phonetic Spelling: (tah-an-aw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: occasion or time of copulation
Meaning: occasion or time of copulation
Strong's Concordance
fig tree

Or (in the singular, feminine) t:enah {teh-ay- naw'}; perhaps of foreign derivation; the fig (tree or fruit) -- fig (tree).


H8385. ta

'anah [תַּאֲנָהnoun feminine occasion, time of copulation; suffix תַּאֲנָתָהּ‎ i.e. of wild ass Jeremiah 2:24.


noun feminine opportunity, i.e. ground of quarrel; of Samson, followed by מִןJudges 14:4.

אָֽנָּ֫ה‎ see אָֽנָּ֫א‎. above


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