Psalm 78:48
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
He abandoned their cattle to the hail and their livestock to bolts of lightning.

Young's Literal Translation
And delivereth up to the hail their beasts, And their cattle to the burning flames.

King James Bible
He gave up their cattle also to the hail, and their flocks to hot thunderbolts.

He abandoned
וַיַּסְגֵּ֣ר (way·yas·gêr)
Conjunctive waw | Verb - Hifil - Consecutive imperfect - third person masculine singular
Strong's 5462: To shut up, to surrender

their cattle
בְּעִירָ֑ם (bə·‘î·rām)
Noun - masculine singular construct | third person masculine plural
Strong's 1165: Beasts, cattle

to the hail
לַבָּרָ֣ד (lab·bā·rāḏ)
Preposition-l, Article | Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 1259: Hail

and their livestock
וּ֝מִקְנֵיהֶ֗ם (ū·miq·nê·hem)
Conjunctive waw | Noun - masculine plural construct | third person masculine plural
Strong's 4735: Something bought, property, livestock, acquisition

to bolts of lightning.
לָרְשָׁפִֽים׃ (lā·rə·šā·p̄îm)
Preposition-l, Article | Noun - masculine plural
Strong's 7565: A live coal, lightning, an arrow, fever


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