Psalm 29
Young's Literal Translation

Ascribe Glory to the Lord

1A Psalm of David. Ascribe to Jehovah, ye sons of the mighty, Ascribe to Jehovah honour and strength.

2Ascribe to Jehovah the honour of His name, Bow yourselves to Jehovah, In the beauty of holiness.

3The voice of Jehovah is on the waters, The God of glory hath thundered, Jehovah is on many waters.

4The voice of Jehovah is with power, The voice of Jehovah is with majesty,

5The voice of Jehovah is shivering cedars, Yea, Jehovah shivers the cedars of Lebanon.

6And He causeth them to skip as a calf, Lebanon and Sirion as a son of Reems,

7The voice of Jehovah is hewing fiery flames,

8The voice of Jehovah paineth a wilderness, Jehovah paineth the wilderness of Kadesh.

9The voice of Jehovah paineth the oaks, And maketh bare the forests, And in His temple every one saith, 'Glory.'

10Jehovah on the deluge hath sat, And Jehovah sitteth king -- to the age,

11Jehovah strength to his people giveth, Jehovah blesseth His people with peace!

Young's Literal Translation

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